Success Stories

Each of the BHGH of KC scholars is a unique individual, brimming with purpose and potential.

Each life touched by BHGH of KC causes a ripple effect throughout his family and community. Since 1991, 100% of scholars who have remained in the BHGH program have matriculated to college. And Boys Hope Girls Hope’s college retention rate is 89–94% annually, compared to the national average of 66%.

Boys Hope Girls Hope alumni return to their communities with a first class education and the will to use it
to help new generations of children to overcome the obstacles in their way.

Success comes in many forms. We are proud of all that our scholars have achieved!

Trey's Success

Trey is a 2012 graduate of Rockhurst High and is the first college graduate of the BHGH of KC program since the residence opened in 2006.

When Trey came to live at Boys Hope Girls Hope of Kansas City, he had a 2.17 GPA. At age 15, Trey was slightly older than our typical candidate, but he had a unique set of circumstances that led him to the program. Each semester, attending nightly study halls, working with volunteer tutors and mentors, and attending Rockhurst High School, Trey’s academics and outlook improved.

Trey maintained a GPA of 3.0 or higher each semester in college. He attained the distinciton of being on the Academic Honor Roll for 2015.

He spent his first two years playing football on full scholarship for the Northwest Bearcats as a defensive lineman, helping his team win the Divison II National Championship in 2013. Due to injuries, he decided to focus solely on his studies and future career goals. A tough competitor, Trey is also quiet, kind, studious and polite.

Trey is passionate about serving others less fortunate and championing equal rights. He is extrememly philosophical and is wise beyond his years. During college, he commuted 35 miles away weekly to work part-time in a residential treatment facility in Iowa for incarcerated youth. He is passionate about living out the Jesuit-inspired value of being a person for others. He is currently on staff at BHGH of KC as a Residential Counselor and helps with fundraising events.

A one-time introvert, Trey is now an inspiring speaker and has shared his story at BHGH of KC’s Circle of Hope Benefit Breakfast. He also won awards and honors as an accomplished writer for the Northwest Bearcats sports journal.

Trey is preparing to enter a graduate studies program in science so he can become a journalist and science writer, as well as a mentor for the younger scholars and other children.

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