Missouri Youth Opportunities Program (YOP) Tax Credits

Your donation can reduce the amount you pay in Missouri taxes.

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tdean@bhgh.org | 816.942.2335

What is YOP?

YOP credits were created by the Missouri Department of Economic Development to encourage charitable support of non-profits serving the youth development needs of Missouri children and adolescents.

Who qualifies for YOP tax credits?

Any individual, corporation, LLC, partnership, or bank that pays Missouri taxes is eligible to participate in YOP.

How do YOP tax credits work?

Your donation of cash, credit, or stock qualifies for 50% Missouri YOP credits. These credits are directly subtracted from your Missouri taxes owed, over and above your standard federal and state charitable deductions.

This substantially reduces your out-of-pocket cost to make a gift. And, you can claim your credit anytime within the next five years, either in a single year or over multiple years.

More About the Process
More About the Process
  1. BHGH of KC sends you a YOP credit application, with instructions included, immediately following receipt of your gift.
  2. You return the completed YOP application and required documentation to BHGH of KC.
  3. BHGH of KC completes the processing and forwards all materials to the State.
  4. About six weeks later (sometimes longer during tax season), you receive your tax credit certificate directly from the State.
  5. You include your tax credit certificate with your state tax return.

What amount of credits will I receive?

Every taxpayer’s situation is unique and the example below is not intended as tax advice. It is only intended as an example of how a credit might be calculated.

Please consult your tax advisor to learn how YOP credits benefit you specifically in meeting your charitable goals and how pending legislation (NPRM REG-112176-18) may affect the amount of federal charitable deductions you receive.

Who Benefits from My Gift?

Not only do you benefit substantially from your gift, but these academically capable and motivated children in need reap a lifetime of benefits because of it.

As scholars enter BHGH of KC, their needs include a variety of tough situations, such as poverty, family stress, parent/guardian illness, neighborhood violence or underperforming schools—most anything that would prevent a highly capable child of reaching his or her full potential.

BHGH of KC Scholars Are:


Ages 10 through college graduation (10-14 at time of admission)

Capable of rigorous, academic, college-preparatory work

In need of a long-term, value-centered, nurturing environment

Voluntary participants in the scholars' program, with a keen understanding and acceptance of its rigorous expectations

Positive in their relationship with others

Actively supported by their family, parents, or guardians

What's the Impact of My Gift?

Your gift directly impacts seven bright scholars and four determined collegians in the BHGH of KC program.

We have great numbers to represent our success and we often hit 100%. But that’s not where the story ends. There is no number large enough to represent the character, ambition, courage, and integrity of young, BHGH of KC scholars.

Our success rates in numbers:

“Before BHGH, I never thought about college, entrepreneurship, opportunities of growth in corporate America, and many other things. BHGH provided me and provides our scholars with opportunities and shows them that there’s a bigger world out there than the one we came from. It’s all about changing circumstances and showing our scholars that there is a chance.”

Gregg Scruggs, BHGH Alumnus and National Spokesperson, "A Change In Circumstance"