One of 16 affiliates across the United States and Latin America, Boys Hope Girls Hope of Kansas City helps academically motivated middle and high school students rise above disadvantaged backgrounds and become successful in college and beyond.

Our vision is for scholars to reach their full potential and become healthy, productive, life-long learners who: 

Adapt to an ever-changing world | Thrive in the face of obstacles | Generate a positive ripple effect in their families, work places, and communities

We believe in opportunity, education, and inclusion for every motivated young person.

Boys Hope Girls Hope believes that motivated children can overcome significant barriers and develop their inherent talents when surrounded by strong relationships and opportunities for enrichment.

Inspired by this belief, Boys Hope Girls Hope of Kansas City:

  • Immerses young people in a structured, family-like home with long-term developmental relationships that stabilize, heal, and empower
  • Prepares scholars for academic excellence and the discernment of a pathway to post-secondary educational attainment and ultimately a career
  • Fosters social, emotional, character, and spiritual development to build social capital through a myriad of growth opportunities, developmental resources, positive influences, and community service-learning
  • Equips scholars with life skills, career skills and access to a network that ensures productive employment and contribution in an ever-changing marketplace
  • Invests deeply in each scholar from middle school through career launch, collaborating with scholar families  

Boys Hope Girls Hope aims to support scholars in fulfilling their potential and becoming world-changing persons for others.

"I had the opportunity to complete my high school education as a member of a scholarship program at Boys Hope Girls Hope of Kansas City. With the help of many people, I graduated at the top of my high school class and this coming May I will graduate college with honors. As a person of deep faith, I believe my purpose is to use all of my hardship, my passion for people, and the blessings and gifts I have been offered, as an inspiration to help others."

Emmanuel, Collegian

Our efforts are guided by instilling the evidence-based “6C” framework of positive youth development, and we evaluate our impact through this lens.

Confidence | Competence | Caring | Character | Compassion | Contribution


The Boys Hope Girls Hope of Kansas City Board of Directors and staff leadership collaborate to ensure mission fidelity, financial stewardship and transparency. This team of professionals is committed to continuous learning, effective programming and improvement through impact evaluation and innovation.

Debbie Deere

Executive Director

Invest in the success of our scholars!